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HP Pen Plotters

Model-ProductsProduct ImagePriceBuy Now
C1627A7600 Series Model 255 HPgl/2 Wide Format Plotter (Refurbished Plname$5,000.00Buy Now
7596C7596C Wide Format Draftmaster Rx Plus Pen Plotter (A-E) Refurb PnameCall for PriceRequest Quote
7596B7596B HP Wide Format Draftmaster Rx Pen Plotter (Refurbished PlonameCall for PriceRequest Quote
7585B7585B HP Wide Format Drafting Plotter 7585B (Refurbished PlotternameCall for PriceRequest Quote
7580B24" Wide Format 8 Pen Plotter (HPIB/Rs232) (Refurb Plotter)name$1,195.00Buy Now
7576A7576A HP 36" Wide Format Draftpro Exl Plotter (Refurbished PlottnameCall for PriceRequest Quote
7575A7575A HP Wide Format Draftpro Dxl Pen Plotter (Refurbished PlottnameCall for PriceRequest Quote
7570A7570A HP 18-24" Wide Format Draftpro Plotter (Refurbished PlottenameCall for PriceRequest Quote
7550B/00611X17" 8 Pen Autofeed Plotter (RS232/Parallel Interface)(Refurbiname$1,495.00Buy Now
7550B/00511X17" 8 Pen Autofeed Plotter (RS232/HPIB Interface) (Refurbishename$1,495.00Buy Now
7475A/0027475A 11x17" Wide Format 6 Pen Plotter (HPIB Interface) Refurb Pname$595.00Buy Now
7475A/0016 Pen Plotter (RS232 Interface) (Refurbished Plotter)name$495.00Buy Now
7470A/0032 Pen HP-IL 8.5 X 11 Plotter (Refurbished)name$695.00Buy Now
7470A/0028.5X11" Wide Format 2 Pen Plotter (HPIB Interface) (Refurb Plottname$695.00Buy Now
7470A8.5x11" Wide Format 2 Pen Plotter (Rs232 Interface)(Refurb Plottname$250.00Buy Now
7440A-0027440A 8.5X11" Wide Format Color Pro 8 Pen Plotter(Refurbished Plname$795.00Buy Now
7440A-0017440A 8.5X11" Wide Format Color Pro 8 Pen Plotter(Refurbished Plname$895.00Buy Now
7090A7090A 11X17" Wide Format Measurement Pen Plotter (Refurbished Plname$1,295.00Buy Now

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