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HP 21" Color Monitor A4576A (Refurbished)

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HP 21" COLOR MONITOR - Hewlett Packard built high performance, reliability and features into a professional-level 21-inch display.
The Hewlett Packard HP P1100 monitor is a great choice for professional users who run high-end business and design applications that require more workspace, sharper picture and higher refresh rates. Hewlett Packard monitors are optimized to run on HP CPUs, but are also suitable for other branded computer systems. This 21-inch color monitor supports a 1600x1200 high resolution at a flicker-free 85Hz refresh rates. The 19.8-inch viewable area screen features a Trinitron-based aperture grill CRT with a .25mm AG pitch. It's matched with an anti-reflective, anti-static coating to yield high-end crisp, bright contrasted images. This combination of features produces the sharp, clear images required for advanced applications. The onscreen display with digital controls uses an illustrated approach for easy and precise picture adjustments, including color level, color temperature, tilt, zoom, and geometry controls. The P1100 is plug and play compatible for optimal performance and ease of setup under Windows 95. It meets strict TCO'95 standards for power management and emissions level standards for safer long-term viewing.

*Refurbished A4576A comes with our 90-day parts and labor warranty.

*The A4576A ships F.O.B. Shipping Point.

*Used HP & Compaq Monitors and Terminals are fully refurbished by HP certified technicians at 360 Technologies, Austin, Texas.



HP 21\" Color Monitor A4576A (Refurbished)
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