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HP A1474A 382 Controller Vga 640X480 (Refurbished)

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The HP A1474A 382 controller came to a conclusion with the implementation of the Motorola 68030 /68040 technology providing the fastest instrument controller available supporting HP Rocky Mountain Basic,HP PASCAL ,Unix and HT basic . The A1474A 382 system incorporated video in several resolutions internal SCSI hard drives as well as a tray for input such as floppy or DAT tape .Internal Parallel, Serial, SCSI,and LAN ports were also available. A rackmount version R362/ R382 included a built in monitor and keyboard with all of the features of the desktop unit for special applications providing security and ease of use .

All A1474A 382 controllers include the following:

  • MC68040, 25MHz processor (382) MC68030 25MHZ (362)
  • Standard speed HP-IB (IEEE-488)
  • RS-232C serial interface
  • HP parallel printer interface
  • HP-HIL Keyboardinterface
  • Audio interface
  • 1 available DIO slot for additional interface card
360 technologies HP 362's & HP 382’s are custom configured for display resolution. (Memory, monitor. disks and periphals all sold separately)

Resolutions : VGA ,1024 x 768,1280 x 1024 (must select one) ..362 /R362 only available in VGA 

Input: Floppy or DDS2 DAT  (Optional)

Hard drives : up to 2 gb

memory 362/R362 max 16mb 382 max 32mb

ports available : LAN ,Scsi

Refurbished by HP certified technicians in Austin, Texas.

(Various 382 & 362 Part #’s - A1314A, A1314B, A2240B, A2240C, A1319A, A1319B, A1324A, A1474A, A2241A, A2241B, A2242B,A2250A)

*Refurbished A1474A comes with our 30-day parts and labor warranty.

*The A1474A ships F.O.B. Shipping Point.

*Used HP A1474A & Compaq obsolete products are fully refurbished by HP certified technicians at 360 Technologies, Austin, Texas

HP A1474A 382 Controller Vga 640X480 (Refurbished)
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98622A98622A HP 200 & 300 Series Gpio Interface (Refurbished)$195.00
98624AHP 98624A 200 & 300 Series HPIB Interface (Refurbished)$25.00
98625AHP 98625A 200 & 300 Series HP-IB Interface Dio I (Refurbished)$45.00
98626AHP 200 & 300 Series Serial (Rs232) Interface Dio I (Refurbished)$25.00
98628AHP 98628A 200 & 300 Series DatACom Interface (Refurbished)$195.00
50962AHP 50962A Srm Coax Interface (Refurbished)$25.00
A2246AHP A2246A 4 Slot Dio Expander For 362/382 (Refurbished)$595.00
A2247AHP A2247A Expander 2 Slot For 362/382 (Refurbished)$495.00
A2255AHP A2255A 300 Series Lan Interface Bnc/Aui For 362/382 (Refurbis$85.00
A2200A4MB Controller Memory For 300 Series (Refurbished)$25.00
A2201A8MB Workstation Memory(2X4MB) For 710,382 In Pairs (Refurbished)$30.00
A2202A16MB Workstation Memory (2X8 MB) For 382 (Refurbished)$35.00
D1198AHP 14" Svga Monitor D1198A (Refurbished)$125.00
D1196AHP 15" Uvga Monitor D1196A (Refurbished)$125.00
28641BThin Lan Transceiver (Ethertwist)10Base2 Lan/Io Port (Refurbishe$65.00
28683AHP Fiber Optic Aui Transceiver (Refurbished)$95.00
28685AHP 10 Base + Aui To Rj 45 Transceiver (Refurbished)$40.00
A1658-60001HP A1658-60001 600MB Cd Rom Drive SCSI (Refurbished)$25.00
0950-9074HP 0950-9074 1.44MB Floppy Disk Drive (Refurbished)$850.00
A2084-60001HP A2084-60001 525MB SCSI Hard Drive (Refurbished)$195.00
A2257AHP A2257A Single-Ended 52MB Hard Drive (Refurbished)$95.00
C2247AHP C2247A Single-Ended SCSI Hard Drive (Refurbished)$95.00
A2252AHP A2252A Floppy Drive For 382 (Refurbished)  Call for Price

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